Aurora Vilaboa Crespo
TikTok: Dorigata


I am a Fashion and Accessories designer with more than 20 years of experience both in International and own brand projects. For the last 10 years I have been the Creative Director at Bimba & Lola, leading the Design Team in coordination with key company departments. I love my work and I am passionate about Fashion.

My professional profile is defined by a great versatility, work capacity, love for my profession and determination to obtain quality results. Due to my trend forecasting and sector knowledge skills, I have the ability to swiftly align the product & client needs for each and every brand, both on an in-house and external consultant capacities as Fashion Consultant.

As a collection coordinator, my experience spans from product design & management to communication, production and sales overseeing. When required I am able to update a product or brand look, creating cohesive collections that will infuse a stronger identity whilst keeping up with market trends.

On a more personal level Fashion, Culture, Art and Music are at the core of my interests. Travelling is my passion and I am an avid collector of vintage clothing and objects. I also design small clothing and accessories collections in my own time, which gives me room for conceptual experimentation and enriches my general design process.


Web design Malva Sawada
Photos Eva Carasol Alba Ricart
Film Shawn Garry